Meride API - Video queues - Read

This page explains how to read information about the status of the video encoder queues.

GET http://API_DOMAIN/rest/v2/queues_video.{format}


No parameter


A collection / array of elements

Field Value Description
slot string Label associated with the slot that shows its priority level
video array An array of videos being processed in the current slot

Example of a curl request

curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" -H "access-token: Fun94nBf4YiaL20hG5np2Ki8mHtm9OCn4R6lPamNM8mNn7YFDRUvZveSbB0n6T" -X GET http://API_DOMAIN/rest/v2/queues_video.json

Example of a JSON response

			"title":"Video title",
			"created_at":"2012-09-25 17:55:47",