Meride Lite

Engage your audience and monetize quickly at the right price with Meride Lite, the plan that suits the needs of any small, medium and large business. There’s no long-term commitment, so you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Increase your website’s revenue by exploiting the possibilities of online video advertising and pay monthly according to your real traffic.

Be the master of your content

A platform for everything

People love your videos: they play them, share them, and watch therm over and over again. But views just don’t cut it anymore. Maybe it’s time you considered a platform to manage your content and help you increase revenue.

Don’t overspend

Based on video quality (HQ, HD or 4K) and the plan selected, the calculator on our website will show your real expenditure, along with any overage charges calculated per minute of play and minute of uploadsLite makes it easy to forecast exactly how much you will spend each month, even before you’ve subscribed.


Stay in control

With Meride Liteyou can control the use of resources in real time and customize your subscription plan entirely, according to your needs. You can always refer to the estimated minutes of video you should upload to the platform and minutes played by users on their devices.