Italians play it better.

Engage your audience with Meride, the advanced Italian online video platform. It’s fast, high performing and tailored to your needs.


Pick the plan that is right for you

We have three options to choose from, based on your specific needs.


Meride Lite

 If you’re a company, a freelancer, a digital agency or a small production house, because you pay-per-use on a monthly basis. The same features as Meride Pro, at a price that reflects your real traffic.

Meride Pro

Engage your audience and monetize quickly with the Meride Pro yearly subscription. Just ask the broadcasters, publishers, content distributors and owners that already have one!

Meride Custom

An entirely customizable solution tailored to your requirements. Meride Custom is developed uniquely for our most demanding clients by our in-house team, who ensure every detail is looked after.

You shall have no other platforms before me

What is Meride?

Meride is an online video platform developed in Italy.

With Meride, you can manage your website’s live and on demand video content. Our agile platform enhances views and increases monetization, by helping you publish anything you want easily and intuitively. Whether in streaming or VOD, get the best possible quality for your content and make it scalable and optimized for almost all devices – PCs, smartphones, smart TVs and tablets.

Meride is a product of, an Italian media technology company with over ten years’ experience in the digital market.


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