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Meride Lite

Start up fee


Monthly plan


  • Pay per consumption on minutes delivered
  • Pay per consumption on minutes loaded
  • API included 
  • Analytics included   
  • Choose your video quality (HQ/HD/4K)
  • Shared Encoders included 
  • Priority Encoders 0,05€ per recorded minute

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Overage Costs


Minutes Delivered 72000  144000  288000  576000  1152000  2304000 
HQ 0,000214€  0,000385€  0,000310€  0,000273€  0,000255€  0,000245€ 
HD 0,000493€  0,000888€  0,000718€  0,000630€  0,000588€  0,000565€ 
4K 0,000903€  0,001628€  0,001313€  0,001155€  0,001078€  0,001038€ 


Minutes Loaded 480 10080   43200 
HQ 0,000897€  0,000439€  0,000421€ 
HD 0,001820€  0,000890€  0,000854€ 
4K 0,002926€  0,001431€  0,001374€ 

Meride Pro

Start up fee


Annual plan


  • Unlimited plays *   
  • Choose your monthly traffic
  • Choose your monthly storage
  • API Included   
  • Analytics included   
  • All video qualities included 
  • Shared encoder included   
  • Priority Encoders 0,05€ per recorded minute 

Overage Costs PRO


Entry Business  Enterprise 
Storage 0,20 €  0,10 € 0,08 € 
Traffic 0,20 €  0,10 €  0,08 € 

Meride Custom



Custom features &

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What is Meride Lite?

Meride Lite is our pay as you go monthly plan, you only pay for minutes loaded and minutes delivered. Click on our calculator to discover our prices to fit your needs.

What is Meride Pro?

Meride Pro is our annual plan, created to satisfy any professional requirements. You can choose between three different plans: Entry, Business or Enterprise.

What is the difference between Lite and Pro?

Both plans allow you to manage, host, encode, monetize and deliver your contents in a quick and easy way. Pro is an annual plan, while Lite is a pay as you go model where you can choose to subscribe month to month.

Are there any limits on Meride Lite?

Meride Lite is customized to your needs, therefore each plan has its own limits on minutes loaded and minutes delivered. You can find all the information you need on our Pricing page. Keep in mind that overage charges are also customized based on the plan you select.

If you need our help to choose your plan, don’t hesitate to ask, contact us!