Meride Custom

The entirely customizable solution for companies with specific, unconventional needs. With Meride Custom, the video player is developed uniquely by our in-house team to fit you like a glove. Digital video is our passion. That’s why we can’t wait to hear what you need and build something new together.

All the features you need

A Player that looks like you

We’ll model the player after you. We’ll change the graphic design, add logos and colors or get rid of all visuals. Skin, buttons, colors, font… make your player one of a kind.

Free your traffic

Businesses with high-level requirements cannot be held back by predefined traffic volumes. Meride Custom always has a solution that is right for you.

Customized pricing

Unique development, system integration, ideal traffic: the pricing of Meride Custom depends on what you need. But expect no surprises: we’ll define the price together from the get-go.